Stanisław Czarnocki – KAL /
Stanisław Czarnocki, designer, creator of the KAL wall calendar talks to Bożena Kowalkowska about mindful living, social responsibility, salvation in nature and searching for fulfillment.

In conversation: Bożena Kowalkowska
Agata & Hania – Balagan /
Agata Matlak-Lutyk and Hanna Ferenc-Hilsden, the founders and designers at Bałagan talk about the skill of delegating responsibilities, planning holidays and conscious decision-making.

In conversation: Bożena Kowalkowska
Ania Kuczyńska /
Fashion designer Ania Kuczyńska talks to us about fous, the art of taking it easy and admiration of life.

In conversation: Bożena Kowalkowska
Tasja Puławska – T P. Ceramics /
Ceramics brand owner Tasja Puławska talks to us about a busy November, her annual rhythm and reshuffling the weekends.

In conversation: Bożena Kowalkowska
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