Kal is a simple wall calendar composed of metal hanger and six double-sided paper sheets. The design in Helvetica provides a modern and clear planner, to be annotated with appointments and notable dates. The timeless clarity provides an easy, analog user experience.

The idea behind this project is to bring back the analogue experience of planning your time in an always-on mobile culture. Among the many sacrifices we make in the name of instant digital gratification is the ability to manage our time, to plan and look ahead. In a world filled with addictive technology, Kal helps defend the freedom of our minds and the autonomy to plan our lives. Unlike the most digital calendars which overflow with requests and reminders, Kal is a space of infinite autonomy where the user chooses what to make time for.

A celebration of the analogue in both form and function, Kal eschews unnecessary styling in the name of radical and beautifully proportioned simplicity. Consisting of an elegant hook and thick paper the calendar gets a new lease of life every year. Owners can simply order new sheets and recycle last year’s. Through its built-in impermanence, Kal is truly timeless.

Considering the time of the year we have limited our sales. Regarding orders or any other matters please contact us via email: kal@kal-store.com